Tag layout and printer configuration can have a significant influence on cycle time. Here are a few techniques that in many cases can significantly speed printing.

Select DRAFT modeSelect DRAFT mode. When DRAFT mode is on, stepper and mirror resolution, laser speed, font sizes, and barcode and graphic scales are automatically adjusted.

Increase laser speed (move slider bar to LIGHTER). It may also be necessary to increase Laser Duty Cycle to maintain black/white contrast.


Arial black is fasterUse ARIAL BLACK font for text, to create darker easier-to-read characters. Also try using the BOLD font setting instead of a larger font size.


Text and 90 degrees is fasterDesign printing to run ACROSS the tag at 90° rotation (right angles to tag feed) rather than down the tag at 0° rotation (printing parallel to tag feed is slower).


Avoid drawing graphic boxes around text or other graphics with long vertical (parallel to tag feed) lines.

One long line of text is fasterCombine text strings into fewer lines. A single long line of text is more efficient than several short lines of text (at 90° rotation, parallel to tag feed).


keep graphic scale factors equal to oneKeep graphics/logo X-scale and Y-scale factors equal to 1. If the graphic or logo must be resized to fit on the tag, use an external application such as Microsoft Paint to change the dimensions of the image and re-save the BMP file before importing into Producer.


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