PermaLabel® Metal Tags Provide Scuff-Proof IDENTIFICATION

PermaLabel® is the most durable on-demand barcodeable metal identification label (metal tag) in the industry. The label is produced from anodized aluminum to give it a tough, virtually mar-proof finish.

The labels are attached via adhesives, riveting, nailing, etc. PermaLabel® is specifically designed to survive in an abrasive environment. InfoSight's LabeLase® series of printers may be used to image 1D or 2D barcodes, man-readable numbering and lettering and even your company's logos onto the label in real time.

PermaLabel®VI™ offers the same resistance to abrasion in a variety of colors for easy visual identification.  PermaFlex™ allows you to permanently identify a curved asset.  

If your tracking and inventory control requires a robust method for identification, the PermaLabel® is the choice. Real time imaging, high-temperature survivability, rough handling and high-pressure hot chemical washes are just a few of the features of the PermaLabel® metal tag.

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PermaLabel® Properties:

  • Metal Tag provides durable on-demand identification
  • High quality, 1D & 2D bar codes meet AIM specifications
  • High contrast text for human reading 
  • Company logos / Bitmaps
  • FREE Window's layout software
  • High-performance adhesives available
  • Scuff proof , UV-stable & weather-resistant
  • Wide temperature range: -30C to 538C (-22F to 1000F)
  • Survives high pressure caustic washing, up to 7000 kPa
  • Typical size: 1" x 3" x 0.003" (25mm x 75mm x .75mm) (custom sizes available)
  • Turnkey print-on-demand system

Automotive Fluid Resistance

  • Brake Fluid
  • Transmission Fluid
  • Motor Oil
  • Anti-Freeze

 PermaLabel® Durability Characteristics

Abrasion Resistance  
Taber Abraser - CS17 Wheel with 1000 gm load 15,000 cycles
Adhesion to Aluminum Adhesive Available
Adhesion to Stainless Steel Adhesive Available
Adhesion to Polypropylene Adhesive Available
Adhesion to Cold Rolled Steel Adhesive Available
Adhesion to Vinyl Adhesive Available
Adhesion to Glass Adhesive Available
Chemical Resistance  
Soap Solution - 16 hours No effect
Cleaning Solution 1/2% - 1 min No effect
Cleaning Solution 50% - 1 min No effect
Physical Properties  
Thickness .010",.032"  
Solvent Resistance  
Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) 1 hour No effect
Premium Gasoline - 24 hours
No effect
  - 96 hours
No effect
Ethyl Acetate - 12 hours
No effect
  - 48 hours
No effect
Xylol - 48 hours
No effect
  - 96 hours
No effect
Lacquer Thinner - 24 hours
No effect
  - 96 hours
No effect
Temperature Survival  
1000F 48 hours No effect
Humidity - 100°F. - 95% No effect
Water Resistance  
1800 hour immersion at 77°F No effect
Tap Water immersion at 58°F 1800 hours No effect

Read the durability report from Oregon State University

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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