Oil Refinery

Industrial MRO & LDAR

(Maintenance, Repair, & Operation and Leak Detection & Repair)

  • Oil & Gas
  • Refineries & Chemical Plants
  • Repair Depots
  • Equipment Rentals

 MRO refers to all the tasks and tools required to keep a facility running that are not directly related to production of the end product.  It is the job of retaining or restoring equipment to a state in which it can perform its required function.  When a pump, motor, valve, engine, or other device is being tested or fixed - be it on a bench top, in the shop, out in the weather, underground or under water - InfoSight has tracking tags that survive the environment.

LDAR is a work practice designed to identify equipment with the potential to leak dangerous emissions, monitor that equipment, and repair it when necessary.  The goal it to reduce, if not eliminate, dangerous emissions. This practice must be done at regular intervals for this service to be useful.  It requires specific and unique identification of each component that corresponds to the facilities Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.  InfoSight’s tags are designed to survive the harsh industrial environments where LDAR programs are necessary.  The tags are readable from either side and can be produced on-demand to give facilities complete control over their identification system.  


InfoSight Metal Barcode Tags can have custom messages – including alphanumeric characters, graphics & logos, and 1D & 2D barcodes – printed on demand with one of InfoSight’s LabeLase® Printers. 

 Infosight Metal Barcode Tags can be ordered preprinted by InfoSight with the same custom messages described above. Learn more about Print-to-Order Tags here.   


PermaLabel® Family 

  • PermaLabel®– Scratch proof, impervious to liquids & cleaners
  • PermaLabel® VI – Visual Indicator Tag available in colors
  • PermaFlexTM – Permanent identification for curved assets


Tough TagTM

  • Ideal low-cost barcoded identification solution for industrial equipment
  • For assets that spend a lifetime outside 
  • Impervious to sun, salt, rain, most oils and greases


Polyacrylic Labels 

  • Tamper resistant peel and stick convenience 
  • Custom shapes and sizes  
  • Several colors to choose from



  • Multiple colors to color-code potential leak points
  • On-demand printing makes it easy to reuse existing numbers
  • LDAR TwinTag™ - stronger attachment and readable on both sides


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