Powder coating is a fascinating method to protect products while giving them a beautiful look.  Even if you don’t understand how powder coating works, you can tell something is “not painted”.  The color seems to be part of the product, not a layer on top.  Therein lies the challenge to identify products before they are powder coated, hoping to be able to read that identity afterwards.  

InfoSight leads the way devising innovative solutions to tough identification problems.  We’ve done it again with PowderCoat™Tag.  PowderCoat™Tag is a tag designed to be applied to a product before it is powder coated.  Just like all InfoSight tags, you can put whatever information you want on it.  Your company name, product name, serial number, barcodes?  Yes, they can all go on the tag.  A logo too? Sure! LabeLase® Producer™ is our super easy tag designing software that limits you only by the size of the tag and your imagination.  

Back to PowderCoat™Tag - so you have an identification tag applied to your product.  Then you have to prepare it for powder coating.  Chemical or abrasive cleaning might wipe out the information on some tags, but not ours.  Then you powder coat it and cure it.   Afterward – you read the tag – go ahead, scan it with a barcode reader – all of your information is still available.  

InfoSight sales representative Brian Schlatterbeck says, “We are pleased to add PowderCoat™Tag to our line of fabricator tags.  We have customers who are excited to be able to identify their products before being powder coated and have that identity intact after curing."

If it sounds too good to be true, contact your InfoSight representative or visit us at the Powder Coating Institute’s technical conference in Orlando, July 13-16 2021.  You may have to see it to believe it, but we are happy to show you.  


Note: This article has been edited.