LL3000 Metal Tag Printer Brochure

High Speed Desktop Printing for More Tags in Less Time

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LL4000 High Speed Desktop Metal Tag Printer

Roughly ten-times faster than our industry leading LL1000, the LL4000 sets a new standard for productivity. Its speed makes it especially valuable when production lines increase speeds, or when you need more data on your tags.

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Identification for Anatomical Specimens

Identification and Security During Anatomical Specimen Preservation

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InfoSight’s LubeTag™ labeling system for lubrication ensures that the correct type of lubrication is used on the proper pieces of equipment by three methods that ensures nearly error proof lubrication maintenance.

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OptiCode® Smart-Camera Tire Reader Brochure

Barcodes on tires is an auto industry standard. Tracking tires from manufacturer all the way to sale is very important to the consumer as well. Now there is an easier way to read those barcodes.

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PaintTag™ Brochure

Acid Cleaning and Painting

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PermaLabel® Brochure

Long Term Scratch-Proof Product ID Tags

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PermaLabel(R) VI Brochure

Scratch-proof Product ID Tags Color Coded for Easy Visual Identification

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PermaFlex™ Identification Tags

PermaFlex™ metal tags provide long term, scratch proof identification for applications requiring lifetime identification on curved surfaces.

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