Anatomical Identification

Printers and metal tags used to identify tissue used for anatomical donations
  • JM410 Metal Asset Tag Printer

    JM410 Printer

    For half of the cost of a comparable marker, the JM410 produces custom barcoded ID tags on demand.

    Designed for low volume applications, the JM410 prints tags for Asset Identification or Industrial Marking.

  • JM410V Polyacrylic Label Printer

    JM410V Printer

    JM410V Polyacrylic Label Printer

    The JM410V is designed to mark multilayer polyacrylic labels. It can feed a full size roll of polyacrylic label material (up to 218ft/66m) for unattended batch printing.  In a single pass, multiple label sizes and layouts can be created.  The JM410V is the most economical way to produce multilayer polyacrylic labels on the market.  

  • LabeLase® 1000 Metal Tag Printer

    LabeLase® 1000 Metal Tag Printer

    Desktop laser printing system for metal barcode tags. 

    The InfoSight LabeLase® 1000 Tag Printer is designed to function like the PC printer you probably already have on your desk, and fits into just as small a space. 

  • LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker

    LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker

    LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker
    Desktop Laser-Printing System for Die-Cut Metal Tags

    The InfoSight LabeLase® 1000P Plate Marker is the same size as the LabeLase® 1000 Tag Printer with the same capabilities with the added capability to print small die-cut metal tags.  

  • LabeLase® 1000V Tag & Label Printer

    LL1000V Printer

    Prints both Metal Tags and Polyacrylic Labels

    The InfoSight LabeLase® V Tag & Label Printer is unique in that it is capable of printing both metal tags and polyacrylic labels.

  • LS-Tag™ Identification for Anatomical Specimens

    Identification for Anatomical Specimens

    LS-Tag™ is the superior choice for anatomical specimens that are exposed to formalin and glutaraldehyde for long periods, as well as chemicals and organic cleansers.

  • PermaLabel® Metal Tags

    PERMALABEL® Metal Tags

    PermaLabel® Metal Tags Provide Scuff-Proof IDENTIFICATION.   PermaLabel® is the most durable on-demand barcodeable metal identification label (metal tag) in the industry. The label is produced from anodized aluminum to give it a tough, virtually mar-proof finish.