Print-to-Order Metal Tags Brochure

InfoSight Corporation provides pre-printed tags to customers who do not wish to purchase tag printing equipment. We will pre-print tags to your specifications at our factory and ship them to you packaged in boxes which are easily handled by one person.

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Tag roll rewinder makes it easy to manage metal tags

Tag roll re-winder makes it easy to manage printed tag stock.

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ShotTag™ Brochure

Acid Rinse then Bead Blast with One Tag for the Entire Process

ShotTag is designed to withstand bead and steel shot blasting applications. It carries identifying text and barcodes through acid baths, blasting and even painting.

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Lifetime Asset ID for Fixed and Mobile Assets

Asset Identification with the Durability of Stainless Steel

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OptiCode® Smart-Camera Tire Reader Brochure

Barcodes on tires is an auto industry standard. Tracking tires from manufacturer all the way to sale is very important to the consumer as well. Now there is an easier way to read those barcodes.

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Tag Attachment Techniques Brochure

For Industrial Processes and High Value Assets

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ToughTag™ Brochure

Durability Indoors and Out

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Tube and Pipe Marking and Tracking

InfoSight LabeLase® non-contact, laser-on pigment marking system applies a background patch by a transfer process to a stationary product, as an alternative to traditional spray-type dot matrix ink systems.

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X-Tag™ Brochure

Traceability in Long-Cycle Atmospheric Annealing Furnaces

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