LDAR Tags - Leak Detection and Repair

InfoSight LDAR Tags offer a flexible, cost-effective way of meeting the EPA’s Leak Detection and Repair require-ments. Our LDAR Tags come in a variety of colors— highly rust resistant and sunlight & weather won’t mar the text and bar codes. Combined with on-demand printing and immediate tagging, InfoSight’s tags simplify LDAR tagging and updating.

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LABELASE® Direct Marking Brochure

Non-Contact, Bar Code Printing Directly On Products

The LabeLase® Marking System offers a practical and cost effective alternative to manually stenciling products in an industrial environment.

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LABELASE® Direct Marking on Cold Products Brochure

Non-Contact, Bar Code Printing Directly On Cold Products

LABELASE® marking system marks bar codes, man-readable characters on hot or cold products.

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LabeLase Printer Family Brochure

Printers as Tough as the Tags They Print

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LabeLase® 2800 Series Printers Brochure

High Speed, High Volume Printers for Extreme Environments

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LL1000 Metal Tag Printer Brochure

Durable, Reliable, Versatile and Easy to Use

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LL1000P Metal ID Tag Printer Brochure

Process and Custom ID Tags for Finished Product Manufacturers

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LL1000V Tag Printer Brochure

Process Tags, Finished Goods IDs and UID All in One

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LL2886 Metal Tag Printer

The 2886 printer takes high-speed metal tag printing onto the mill floor and into the heart of industrial production lines.

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